What to expect from English Regional Conferences

English Regional Conferences provide opportunities for volunteer and professional bat workers to spend time together: updating their knowledge, sharing best practice, developing their skills and catching up on the latest 'bat chat'. Being held both in-person and on zoom, there are more opportunities than ever to get involved.

The day usually includes talks on local projects, news or developments, and a choice of practical and discussion based workshops. Along with time to network and explore the stalls from the exhibitors.

There are five English Regional Conferences held over a three year cycle: North, Midlands, East, Southeast and Southwest. The programme for each conference is created from input from that region, however, these events are open to anyone from any region, both in-person and online.

Sponsors and exhibitors at English Regional Conferences

If you are interested in sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to meet bat enthusiasts and workers from across England, please contact Naomi Webster, BCT's Training and Conferences Manager, for details: nwebster@bats.org.uk.

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