Whether you are a bat-beginner or an expert you are sure to find an event to interest you in the listings below. Year round the Bat Conservation Trust, local bat groups as well as conservation and community organisations arrange bat events across the UK from training courses to bat walks for families.

You will soon be able to add your events on our website yourself but for the time being please do email comms@bats.org.uk with details of your event: name of event, date, time and location, who is it aimed for, is it a paid event (if so how much per person), do people need to book (and where), contact details for the organiser for people who have question, website of the event if there is one.

Further information about the Bat Conservation Trust's Training Courses and Conferences & Symposia.

QGIS for bat groups and other biological recorders

26th October 2019

QGIS is a freely available Geographic Information System (GIS) software package that can prove invaluable for bat groups and particularly Bat Group Recorders. This one-day hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to what the software can offer and how to use it, enabling bat groups to more effectively identify what they know and where they need to go to get more data.

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Introduction to Bats and Bat Survey

6th November 2019

This course will provide a look at the primary legislation in relation to bats (focused on Scotland), important bat identification features and key aspects of bat ecology. A range of roost types for different species will be discussed and pointers will be given on what to look out for in roost identification. Key bat survey requirements and methods will be reviewed, to allow delegates to gain a greater understanding of required methods in relation to current good practice guidance.

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Bat Impacts and Mitigation

7th November 2019

The course will look at how and when to apply for a bat development licence (Scotland), writing a Species Protection Plan, potential impacts to bats and mitigation and compensation options. Various development types will be considered including buildings, new roads and wind farms. There will be examples of case studies and participants will be encouraged to take part in group discussion with their own examples.

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Scottish Bat Worker's Conference

9th November 2019

Confirmed talks and workshops so far Talks Radio tracking Whiskered bats, Lindsay MacKinley Bat care talks from Tracey Jolliffe and Gail Armstrong Bats and Thermal Imaging, Ian Baker The importance of reusing and recreating natural bat roosts in trees for positive conservation and mitigation outcomes, David Whyte, TD Tree and Land Services BCT update Spotlight on Bat Groups talks Workshops Workshops last up to 90 minutes. Delegates were able to choose one option from the following: - QGIS for bat groups, Steve Roe - Overview of the latest Titley equipment, Andrew Dobson - Introduction to Kaleidoscope viewer and Kaleidoscope Pro bat sound analysis software, Paul Howden-Leach - How to lead a bat walk, Naomi Webster - Is that a bat? Neil Middleton - Introduction to surveying trees for bats, TD Tree and Land Services Ltd. - Arts and Craft - Needle felting

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Planning for Success: Maximising Biodiversity Through Planning and Strategic Land Use Management

19th November 2019

Arguably there has never been more emphasis on the environment in the planning and land use system. This is a time of opportunity. Green infrastructure planning, biodiversity net gain, natural capital assets, ecosystem services assessment, nature recovery networks – these are just some of the strategic approaches designed to make space for nature but how can we ensure that they are used to best effect? How can ecologists and environmental management professionals influence their development and delivery to achieve the best outcomes for biodiversity at a range of spatial scales? This two-day Autumn Conference will explore these themes through a varied programme designed to explore the new approaches offered at a national, regional and local scale, identifying critical success factors and the role of our profession in successful implementation.

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Bats for Building Professionals

21st November 2019

This awareness course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for buildings and their renovation/development/maintenance, and those who carry out such work, including builders, surveyors, architects and pest controllers. This course will ensure that participants are aware of their responsibilities with regard to bats and are able to recognise the basic signs of potential roosts.

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Thermal Aided Bat Surveys Training Course

11th March 2020

This one-day course is designed for those with bat survey experience who would like to add thermal imaging techniques to aid them in their bat survey work. This is a classroom-based course with an optional practical element and is delivered in line with the Thermal Imaging: Bat Survey Guidelines. Course content includes: - Introduction to thermal imaging - Discussion of the forthcoming “Thermal Imaging Bat Survey Guidelines” - Equipment selection - Survey applications - Survey planning - Survey operations There will also be an optional thermal aided bat survey practical evening after the course for those who are able to attend. Tutor: Dr Kayleigh Fawcett-Williams, KFW Scientific and Creative

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