National Bat Helpline figures suggest that at least 950 bats are brought to veterinary surgeries in the UK every year. It may seem daunting to have a bat arrive in your surgery, but don't worry. If you can help other small mammals, you can help a bat – and there's free support available.

The National Bat Helpline never charges up front for the help we give veterinary professionals. However, we do ask that surgeries that receive help from us make a donation if they are able. You can donate via our bat care JustGiving page or email to learn about other ways to give.

Are you a vet professional who loves bats? We're always looking for veterinary professionals to join the UK Bat Care Network. Click here to find out more.

Samantha Holland, a former APHA vet, has written an article and prepared a talk for Veterinary Practice "Anyone fancy seeing a bat? Providing care for bats in practice." that is full of useful information and advice for veterinary professionals.