Mitigation Masterclass and Roost Awards

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The Mitigation Masterclass took place on Wednesday 10 March 2021 and provided an opportunity to join bat roost mitigation experts for an afternoon of discussion workshops to explore topics such as historic buildings/churches and trees and culminated in our Ecologists Anonymous session with Mitigation ‘Agony Uncle’ Richard Crompton! This Masterclass event will also include an update on the BCT’s mitigation work including the Bearing Witness for Wildlife Mitigation project.

The Roost Awards followed in the evening when the announcement of this year's Roost Award shortlisted entries and winner took place. Hear details of the shortlisted and winning mitigation projects from the ecologists and Roost judges, as well as from the original Roost Award Winner Peter Shepherd from BSG. There were also opportunities for networking and further discussion of mitigation in our virtual bar rooms afterwards.

Mitigation Masterclass

14:00 - Welcome

Bearing Witness for Wildlife Mitigation project findings and Q&A

Historic Buildings Masterclass with Chris Damant, Bernwood ECS Ltd

15:15 - Break

Trees and Woodlands Masterclass with Adam Curtis, Royal Parks

Ecologists Anonymous with Richard Crompton, Ecology on Demand

17:00 Break

What's next for bat roost mitigation project work at BCT?

Wrap up and review

17:30 End/Networking

Roost Awards

18:00 - Welcome

3 shortlisted case studies presented by their ecologists

Comments by the judges on the shortlisted case studies

Specially commended case studies

Presentation by previous Roost Award winner on the BSG case study

Announcement of the Roost Award Winner

future submissions

19:30 - Virtual pub opens for networking

Ecologists Anonymous

"Learn from the mistakes of others, you can't live long enough to make them all yourself" Eleanor Roosevelt

We believe that to improve mitigation across the sector, it is important that we not only share success stories but also mistakes and lessons learned. However, it can be difficult to share mistakes publically due to concerns about the risk to a reputation, embarrassment and similar factors.

Ecologists Anonymous provides a route for mistakes to be shared anonymously and for everyone to glean lessons learned from that experience.

You share the details of the situation and choose one of our made-up companies to attribute it to. The scenarios will be passed to our Ecology Agony Uncle Richard Crompton with only the attributed company details attached.

Richard will host our first session of Ecologists Anonymous during the Mitigation Masterclass on 10 March, when he will share scenarios and discuss the lessons we can learn for similar cases in the future. If successful/useful, we may host more Ecologists Anonymous sessions in the future.

Click here to submit a case study where lessons can be learned to Ecologists Anonymous

Ecologists Anonymous companies from which lessons can be learned:

  • Batman and Robin Ecology - a one person consultancy
  • My First Bat Ecology Company - a small-medium sized, multi-person ecology company
  • H.E.L.P. Inc (Helpful Ecology Lessons Provided Incorporated) - a large ecological consultancy with many staff and multiple branches across the country


We are grateful to our main co-sponsor Titley Scientific and our corporate co-sponsors Batbox and Ground Control for their support of the event.

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Mitigation Masterclass and Roost Awards

Main co-sponsor - Titley Scientific

Mitigation Masterclass and Roost Awards

Corporate co-sponsors - Batbox and Ground Control