Certificate of Bat Acoustics Analysis (online) - BatAbility

Certificate of Bat Acoustics Analysis (online) - BatAbility

Certificate of Bat Acoustics Analysis - BatAbility Courses & Tuition

“Superb training, with really illuminating illustrations and everything explained in a clear and accessible way.” - Philip Briggs, Monitoring Manager, Bat Conservation Trust

This online course contains 14 modules and more than 15 hours of content including powerpoint presentations, downloadable documents and demonstrations of real examples using various software packages. Focusing on 19 species of bats found in Britain and Ireland, you will develop your skills in bat call analysis and, if you want, undertake a graded examination at the end of the course to prove your abilities as a Bat Acoustics Analysis Technician.

Developed by Neil Middleton of BatAbility, the course is hosted on their dedicated learning platform. You have 9 months to complete the course from signing up and BCT will receive a donation of at least 6% for each participant who signs up to the course.

Course content includes:

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – What is Echolocation?
  • Module 3 - Bat Detector systems (optional)
  • Module 4 – Software options (optional)
  • Module 5 – Call Structure
  • Module 6 – Pipistrellus species
  • Module 7 – Nyctalus species
  • Module 8 – Serotine & Parti-coloured bat
  • Module 9 – Attenuation & Echoes
  • Module 10 – Myotis species
  • Module 11 – Plecotus species
  • Module 12 – Barbastelle
  • Module 13 – Horseshoe species
  • Module 14 – Confusing noise, sound artefacts & recording quality
  • Live & recorded access to ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions

CPD: A Certificate of Completion is awarded once you have worked through the modules. It is also possible to undertake a graded assessment to receive a further certificate at Technician level. Additional certification to Auditor level also available for those who achieve Grade A at Technician level.

Cost: £145 + VAT

Click here to visit BatAbility and register for the online course

Please note:

BCT does not endorse any of the analysis software programs included within their training courses or conference workshops but values the important contribution they can make to bat conservation. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to data or unsatisfactory results arising from the use of any analysis software during or after a BCT course or conference workshop.

The use of proprietary and commercial trade names in BCT training or conferences does not imply endorsement of the product, software or technique by event sponsors, funding bodies or BCT.

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