Thrift +

Having a wardrobe clear out? You can now get rid of your unwanted clothes and raise donations for Bat Conservation Trust at the same time!

Order a 'ThriftBag', pack up your clothes and send them to Thrift+ to be photographed and sold online. If your item sells for more than £7.50, you'll start earning points to spend or donate to a chosen charity, such as Bat Conservation Trust.

When clothes are sold through Thrift+, a listing fee of £3.75 is applied, along with a selling fee of 35% of the total sale value. For example, for an item that sells for £30, you earn £15.75. Thrift+ would charge a listing fee of £3.75 and a selling fee of £10.50. Click here for more information.

Make sure to use this link here to order your ThriftBag and start supporting us today!

Recycling For Good Causes

Jewellery & banknote recycling

You can donate all your broken and unwanted jewellery to raise donations for Bat Conservation Trust through Recycling for Good Causes! If you have any gold, silver, odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery and watches, you can recycle them at no cost to you whilst raising donations for Bat Conservation Trust.

You can recycle:

• Any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken and damaged items (like odd earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones).

• You can donate any unwanted banknotes from ANY country of any age, so all of those obsolete pre-euro notes are a perfect start!

Recycling for Good Causes will reuse and recycle the jewellery and banknotes, giving 75% of the proceeds to Bat Conservation Trust, saving precious raw materials at the same time.

Simply use your own envelope or jiffy bag (no bigger than A5 in size) and post free of charge by printing out the freepost label here and attaching it to your envelope.

*Please do not send coins or stamps to the freepost address as the postage costs will far outweigh your donation.*

Donate your stamps

You can now donate your used stamps to raise funds for Bat Conservation Trust. All kinds of stamps are welcome, on or off paper.

Simply cut or carefully rip the postage stamp from the used envelope, being careful that you don’t damage the stamp, and once you have a collection pop them in an envelope making sure you have the correct postage to: Bat Conservation Trust, PO Box 16992, Sutton Coldfield, B73 9YA (*postage needs to be applied*).

Recycling for Good Causes will arrange collections for larger quantities of stamps weighing over 10kgs. This equates to about two buckets full of stamps.

For further information, email or call 0800 633 5323.

If you have more items than will fit into an A5 envelope for Bat Conservation Trust, please call 0800 633 5323 or email to find out more information on Recycling for Good Causes' polybag/sack recycling projects where you can recycle larger items.