Pin badge boxes and donation tins

Bat Conservation Trust pin badges are a great way to raise money and are very popular collectors' items.

There are now 6 designs of these coloured enamel lapel pins inclusive of: noctule, barbastelle, Bechstein's bat, lesser horseshoe bat, common pipistrelle and Daubenton's bat.

These badges can be found at a great deal of our events for a suggested donation of £1 per badge. If you are unable to come to one of our events but are interested in getting some pin badges, please email (however, please note these will only be available as a full set of 6).

Could you look after a pin badge box or collection tin for BCT?

Many kind volunteers are looking after pin badge boxes, and we are constantly looking for more! It only takes a small amount of time each month, and BCT will support you through the process.

Small change can add up to significant amounts of money raised for bats.

If you know of a suitable location to place a donations tin and are willing to look after it for us, please contact us for more details. BCT donation tins are durable and robust plastic containers, with security seals provided.

Donation tins cannot be used for door-to-door fundraising, but are ideal for local shops, zoos, garden centres, restaurants, or other venues.

If you are interested in looking after a pin badge box or collection tin for BCT, or in obtaining a small number of badges for yourself or others, please email

Pin badge boxes and donation tins