This page contains some useful links to help develop or introduce skills to be used in your bat group or individually. Some are based on generic situations so please tailor to your groups' needs.

Resources for outreach

  • How to plan a bat walk - bat walks can be a great activity to increase awareness, raise funds and enjoy yourselves as a bat group.
  • Bats for All resource pack - resources for organising a range of community events for different groups.
  • Use of photographs consent forms - it is useful to keep track of bat group members that give permission for photos including themselves to be used publicly. It is vital to have permission to use photos of children, here is an example permission form for this.
  • Example risk assessments - many events require a risk assessment during the planning stages.

Communication tools

Guidance for bat work


  • Guidance on grant proposals - writing a grant proposal can feel daunting so use the guide to break it down into steps and hopefully increase your chances of a successful application. See also Identifying Local Sources of Funding. If you are successful with a funding application we would love to know so we can feedback to other bat groups and hone our funding support.
  • Due to the nature of bat groups, finding suitable banking can sometimes be tricky. There is some advice for community groups on the

If you have any specific training requests please see what courses are on offer on our training pages or get in touch with the Bat Groups Officer at