This page provides links to a wide variety of guidance resources that will be of interest to all bat groups. If you have any questions about these pages please email

Rabies guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines
Bat care specific guidelines

The above guidelines apply to bat care as well, but the below guidance is bat care specific.

  • Bat Care Guidelines - the second edition of the Bat Care Guidelines is now available (you just need to provide a few details about yourself) and printed copies have been sent to all bat carers on the BCT at Care Network.
  • Mealworm Allergy Information for Bat Carers - It has been shown that some people who work with insects such as mealworms can develop allergic reactions. This document provides information and good practice guidance for bat carers on how to reduce that risk.
  • COVID-19 Good Practice Guidelines for Bat Rehabilitators: Managing Disease Risk - This guidance is in the process of being updated and the revised version should be available soon. In the meantime please refer to the IUCN BSG recommendations for bat rehabilitators (updated June 2021) as this provides important information for bat carers with guidance for managing disease risks from the perspectives of both human and bat health. (It does not replace the existing guidance on rabies risk management
  • We also published a special edition bat care bulletin blog on COVID-19 in July 2021.