Bat Group Mingle

(c) Daniel Hargreaves

May 2021 saw the first ever Bat Group Mingle virtual event, with the aim to provide an online gathering place for any member of a bat group to join together to seek advice and share experiences. There are almost 90 bat groups in the UK who collectively have experienced many situations that might be common to other groups, so by providing this platform BCT hopes to promote networking and connections between the bat groups of the British Islands. These sessions are not talks.

Should you wish to suggest a topic for a mingle, whether it's something you could share experience on or would like to seek help with, please email the Bat Groups Officer at

Previous mingles

7th February 2024 - Topics included mailing and membership lists

1st March 2022 - Topics included bat group management, biosecurity and the NNPP

17th November 2021 - Topics included training and volunteer engagement

29th July 2021 - Topics included records, committee motivation and events

19th May 2021 - Topics included membership