Explore the World of Bats pack

Explore the World of Bats pack

The Bat Conservation Trust produces a learning and activity pack, 'Explore the World of Bats', to help young people discover the truth about these fascinating mammals.

Jam-packed with information designed to further understanding and enjoyment of bats, this pack allows adults to guide younger children as they learn or older children to learn independently.

The pack includes:

  • A USB with an interactive quiz featuring bat sounds and video
  • A series of fascinating resource sheets on everything from how bats “see” with sound to the vital role they play in our natural world
  • A project guide to help children plan a batty project
  • A fantastic bat poster

How can I get a copy?

Explore the World of Bats is FREE as part of a BCT Teacher / Youth Leader membership (£24 annual subscription). Join Today!

The pack can also be purchased separately for £14.99 (price includes VAT).

  • Email fundraise@bats.org.uk to order your pack.
  • Order by telephone - call 020 7820 7181 (Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5.30pm) and have your credit or debit card details handy.
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