As the profile of bats is raised, so the number of requests for talks increases. Schools, clubs, gardening groups, natural history societies and a whole range of audiences across both age and interest spectrum seek to lean more. However, the factor common to almost any group, whatever the age, is that most of the audience know very little about bats, and what they think they know may be incorrect.

We have produced a basic PowerPoint presentation, with notes, which covers the basic ecology and biology of bats in the UK. This can be developed or adapted according to the speaker and the audience.

When arranging a bat talk these are a few things to consider:

Confirm details with the organiser in writing:

  • venue
  • day and date
  • time, length and title of talk
  • any equipment you may require
  • ask for some idea of the likely audience size and structure.

Make sure the organiser knows details of your fee/donation and likely expenses if relevant.

Planning the talk:

Find out if there is a particular aspect of bat ecology that is relevant to a particle audience (e.g Include information on encouraging the insects on which bats feed if speaking to a gardener’s society).

When talking to school groups, find what children are studying at that point, so as to emphasise the appropriate bats facts. (e.g. We are often invited to schools when children are studying nocturnal animals).