The Roost Partnership is a unique conservation-lead built environment scheme between the Bat Conservation Trust and manufacturers of bat roosting provisions. The Partnership now has five products from three different Partner's, offering bat boxes to bat tiles and tubes, please see below for our current products!

Our Roost Partners work together with us to provide bat conservation features that can be incorporated onto and into buildings and other structures, designed with the latest best practice guidance and research knowledge in mind.

The Roost Partnership does not endorse particular products but rather recognises and celebrates the importance of working between BCT and Roost Partners in a common goal of improving roosting opportunities for bats within our built environment. The Roost Partnership also acts as an information sharing hub used to gather feedback from industry professionals to constantly improve our understanding of bat roosting requirements.

Partners in the scheme (shown below) will receive support and marketing equally through the scheme and all partners will contribute 10% of sales of the scheme product/s to the BCT on a quarterly basis. This funding will supports the scheme and is invested in projects that further our knowledge of the efficacy of bat conservation features.

If you are interested in joining to scheme or would like to know more, please email

Bat Access Products

The Manthorpe Ridge Roost was developed through the Roost Partnership due to concerns that modern methods of construction can reduce opportunities for wildlife in the built environment. This innovative solution effortlessly integrates bat roosting habitat for small numbers of crevice dwelling species in the self-contained design, which is easy to install on any ridge end during new build or renovation projects.

The Just Lead Bat Access Tile design was refined through working with the Roost Partnership because "Giving the bats access points at roof level creating a safe haven for them to reside means everything to us and gives us a piece of mind knowing we are doing something to help the bats.”

The Just Lead Bat Access Tube design was developed through feedback from ecologists and working with the Roost Partnership on addition products for bat roost access. It can be used with slate and non-slate tiled roofs, but also hanging tiles.

External Bat Boxes

The Just Lead Bat Box allows additional roosting opportunities for crevice dwelling bats to be fitted to all types of masonry as well as in woodlands. The roof is manufactured from sheet lead and the box constructed with stainless steel screws and brass fixing plates for longevity; the wood is FSC sawn timber.

Integrated Bat Boxes

The Green & Blue Integrated Bat Block (now managed by Wildcare) was entered into the Roost Partnership because this "will ensure that we are designing appropriate products that really will suit intended species, such as our wonderful bats, and will help us to raise awareness and to educate on overall biodiversity measures."