The Roost Awards promote best practice bat roost mitigation and enhancement. Case studies should therefore showcase data collection techniques at the baseline and monitoring stages and also a show a thorough understanding of the planning and design process. The information required to be entered for the awards is therefore marked in the case studies entries.

Judges for the Awards represent academia, the statutory nature conservation bodies and ecological consultancy and will be looking for examples of best practice but also looking to see which consultants could share learning from their experiences.

Best practice guidance and research includes:-

Judges will be scoring the bat roost mitigation case studies therefore under four criteria, looking for how they demonstrate best practice in:

  • surveys / initial data collection
  • design and planning
  • monitoring
  • lessons learned / remedial action taken

To enter a case study for the Roost Awards before 31st October 2020 please click here to see what information is required or for more information please email:

For details of the previous bat roost mitigation case study winner BSG in 2012 please follow this link :

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