Planning queries

The information below is the latest best practice guidance developed by and provided for industry. Unfortunately BCT does not have the resources to get involved in individual planning cases that may involve lighting and bats, therefore we cannot respond to these type of enquiries either by email or over the phone. However, because of this we have compiled comprehensive guidance to support concerned members of the public in taking the appropriate action to protect bats. Please visit our general lighting webpages for more information and click HERE to download the planning and development advice pack.

NEW 'Bats and Artificial Lighting in the UK' Guidance Note GN 08 / 23

The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) launched the latest practical guidance on considering the impact upon bats when designing lighting schemes in August 2023. This document was developed and produced by the 'Bats & Artificial Lighting at Night' steering group (details below) chaired by BCT's Built Environment Manager.

GN 08 / 23 can be downloaded free from the ILP website:

The ILP and BCT would like to thank everyone involved in the steering group for all their hard work and considerable expertise that has made this work possible.

Training resources

GN 08 / 23 was also previewed at a technical symposium event on Tuesday 28th February 2023. The event covered the major changes, presented by steering group members, and the thinking behind the documents updates. Online content of three sessions from the day can be accessed as CPD resources to be read alongside GN 08 / 23 for those with previous experience of the topic, this can be found HERE.

Alternatively, there is an e-Learning module as an introduction to the topic for industry professionals who need to consider whether the addition of lighting in a project may impact bats and how to avoid this.

Additional reference documents and websites:

'Bats and Artificial Lighting at Night' steering group:

  • Jo Ferguson, Built Environment Manager, BCT
  • Guy Harding, Technical Manager, ILP
  • Cody Levine, Ecology Team Leader, Worcestershire County Council
  • Stuart Morton, Professional Head of Highways Electrical Design at Jacobs
  • James Miles, Technical Manager, Kingfisher Lighting
  • Bonnie Brookes, Lighting Consultant and Director, The Lighting Bee Ltd
  • Harry Fox, Principal Ecologist, Clarkson & Woods Ltd
  • Marcus Vongpraseuth, End User Marketeer UKI, Signify
  • Emily Bolt, Technical Services Manager (Systems Architect), UKI, Signify
  • Nick Smith, Lighting Consultant and Managing Director at Nick Smith Associates Ltd