Bats and artificial lighting guidance note (2018)

The Bat Conservation Trust in partnership with the Institution for Lighting Professionals (ILP) and Clarkson & Woods ecological consultants have published the latest practical guidance on considering the impact upon bats when designing lighting schemes.

The guidance note supersedes the previous 2009 guidance and goes into depth about lighting levels and colour temperature impacts on different bat species. It is intended to raise awareness of the impacts of artiļ¬cial lighting on bats but also the potential solutions to avoid and reduce this harm.

It has been written by a panel of experts representing BCT, ILP and ecologists. Since the publishing of the 2009 edition there has been an increase in the knowledge of our UK bat species, of which there are now 18 recorded species and a considerable amount of research done on impacts but also mitigation measures.

Download the Guidance Note on Bats and Artificial Lighting

Eurobats guidance on bats and artificial light (2018)

In October 2018 new Eurobats guidance on bats and artificial lighting was published. This was drafted by a panel of experts including BCT and uses the currently available research and knowledge to look at solutions to avoid, mitigate and compensate the negative impacts of artificial light. It is broad international guidance that complements the nationally drafted BCT / ILP guidance (above).

Download the Eurobats guidelines for consideration of bats in lighting projects

Artificial Light and Wildlife Symposium 2014: determining solutions for practitioners

The Bat Conservation Trust in partnership with Arup hosted a European Symposium on 20 & 21 March 2014.

The syposium was fully described with presentations from researchers and professionals across Europe. The presentations from the symposium are now available to view online.

Unfortunately, some of the presentations cannot be circulated owing to the sensitivity of unpublished data contained within them.

An interim guidance note was been produced following the outputs from the 2014 European Symposium.

Download the BCT Interim Guidance: artificial lighting and wildlife

Bats and Lighting: overview of current evidence and mitigation

BCT worked with researchers at the University of Bristol to develop a comprehensive overview of current evidence and mitigation for bats. This publication is now available.

Download the Bats and Lighting: overview of current evidence and mitigation

Additional reference documents and websites:

What else are we doing?

In 2019 it will be five years since the first BCT symposium looking at the impacts of artificial lighting on bats and other wildlife. We are currently reviewing the potential to bring practitioners together again for a second symposium in Spring 2019; given the importance of this area of work, the advances in our knowledge of impacts and technological developments. If you would be interested in presenting or exhibiting at this event please contact BCT's built environment officer, Jo Ferguson: