Many bats use buildings for roosting, and it is vital for the future of our bat populations that any building alteration or maintenance work takes bats into account from the outset.

By taking bats into account prior to starting work you will:

  • Minimise additional costs and delays relating to works scheduled
  • Help to avoid disturbing bats or their roosts - avoiding the risk of prosecution and helping to conserve an important protected species.

This section of the website looks at some of the issues around bats and building maintenance that may be of help to the building industry and bat workers. These are all ongoing areas of work and will be regularly updated with progress. A summary of the information can be found in the free to download Bats and Buildings leaflet below.

Please note: If you are a planning to carry out small scale maintenance on your house, you may be eligible for free advice from your local Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation. Find out more here.

Building Maintenance

Hugh Clark

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