Ecological Consultancy

Each year BCT convenes an online Consultant’s Forum, where consultants can hear about BCT’s work, submit questions, add their voice by responding to polling questions and take part in dynamic discussions on current issues arising in ecological consultancy work for bats.

The last Consultant's Forum was held in January 2023. A written update was circulated to attendees before the event and any further updates provided by the BCT team on the day. These updates can be found here. Key discussion points during the 2023 forum were bats and ash dieback, bat survey guidelines, bats and planning, legal protection for swarming bats, infra red bat survey guidelines and the Earned Recognition Project.

This event is held online but is not recorded for circulation, in order to encourage attendance and participation on the day and to allow consultants to speak openly. Watch this space for information on next year's forum!