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Wales Bat Workers' Day 2018

Wales Bat Workers Day

The day is aimed at anyone with an interest in bats and it will also provide a good opportunity for meeting with others who are involved with bat work. 

Wales Bat Worker's Day 2018 was sponsored by Wildlife Acoustics

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The 2018 programme was themed around some of the exciting projects that either BCT is involved with that you can take part in, or potential projects to develop for Wales. 

Key speakers were Dr Anita Glover from Vincent Wildlife Trust on autumn swarming, Dr Alison Fairbrass on the The British Bat Survey: Exploring New Technologies
for Bioacoustic Sensing (Audiomoth)'
and Daniel Hargreaves on the Nathusius bat project. Alison's presentation was supplemented by a talk from Ella Browning, a PhD student from UCL, on developments with auto id systems.  We were also delighted that Dr Karen Haysom, formerly BCT's Director of Science told us about the results of the previous Welsh Assembly Government contract to look at how the former agri-environment scheme, Tir Gofal, was delivering for bats and biodiversity. 

There was a series of workshops for you to choose from, to help find out more about the projects and to develop those projects further:

British Bat Survey pilot project using the Audiomoth
Swarming project for Wales
Nathuisus pipistrelle project
Andrew Dobson from Titley Scientific has offered to run a workshop on the new IAnabat nsight software package.

There was a short session for a Wales Bat Workers Forum as we've not had a Forum meeting for a couple of years.

Space is limited to 90 places and refunds can only be given if your place can be taken by somebody else and it will be subject to a £5 administrative charge.





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