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Resources For Bat Groups

Resources for Bat Groups

Latest News

Proposed changes to the Natural England Bat Advice Service & Funding for the National Bat Helpline from Defra [Updated 09/05/18]

Natural England are reviewing the future of the Bat Advice Service, which is currently delivered by the National Bat Helpline. We have been regularly communicating with bat groups about this review process and our concerns. Alongside this Defra are reviewing their funding of BCT's disease risk management work (including the Out of Hourse Helpline). 

Partner Bat Group Pages

If you are a member of a Partner Group, contact your group coordinator(s) for the username and password to the Partner Group section of our website.  The Partner Group pages include:

information about local funding sources and how to access them;
downloadable resources such as the latest issue of Bat News, Young Bat Worker and the partner group logos; guidance and support documents on a range of topics, including registering as a charity, getting your voice heard in the planning system, and writing a news release.

Read in full what resources Partner and Network Groups have access to.

Documents/links that all bat groups may find useful:

Good Practice Guidelines on Bats & Rabies (October 2018) - important information for bat groups (including local Helplines), these guidelines set out important procedures that bat workers should follow. There is a separate document specifically about wearing gloves when handling bats (updated October 2018)We have also produced some additonal guidance for rehabilitators - Supplement to Good Practice Guidelines for rehabilitators: Managing disease risk (updated October 2018). The Bats and rabies: Frequently asked questions for bat handlers may be useful in answering some of your questions. Finally Public Health England have produced a leaflet aimed at GPs and the public: Bat contact and rabies risk available to download from the GOV.UK website

Bat Care Guidelines - the second edition of the Bat Care Guidelines is now available (you just need to provide a few details about yourself) and printed copies have been sent to all bat carers on the BCT at Care Network. 

Mealworm Allergy Information for Bat Carers - It has been shown that some people who work with insects such as mealworms can develop allergic reactions. This document provides information and good practice guidance for bat carers on how to reduce that risk.

Bat Group Bulletin - back issues of the Bulletin (we are slowly adding more Bulletins and aim to ultimately have a rolling 12-months worth)

Insurance - details of insurance cover provided through BCT, finding landowner details, example risk assessments and alternative sources of cover.

Data protection - information about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), including a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Bats for All resource pack - resources for organising a range of community events for different groups.

Establishing and Formalising a Group - information on defining roles, producing a development plan and charity registration.

Representation in BCT - for details of how members of your group can share their views with BCT, irrespective of which relationship category the group has opted for.

Bat Workers Manual - although this has not been updated since 2004 (3rd edition) and so is out of date in places (e.g. in relation to licensing), it remains essential reading. 

Useful Natural England links - contacts for licensing enquiries and web pages on licensing, general bat pages and information for Volunteer Bat Roost Visitors.

Leaflet Order Form - most of BCT's publications and leaflets are available free of charge for use at events and shows, or for distribution amongst members, and can be ordered on request.

Accessing Journal Papers - information on how to get access to research articles and papers that your group may be interested in.

Bat Worker Forum - details of the annual forum, which is open to all bat enthusiasts. This includes the terms of reference for the meeting, an example agenda and minutes from the last forum.

Pete Guest Award - details of the award given in memory of Pete Guest who was an inspirational figure in the bat conservation movement for more than 20 years. Each year, the bat world is invited to nominate individuals who have made an outstanding practical contribution to bat conservation.

Complaints Procedure for bat groups - If you have a complaint, it is always best to speak to the BCT employee concerned in the first instance. Our staff will welcome the opportunity to discuss, and work towards resolving, any concerns you may have. However, the response does not satisfy the group, please see our complaints procedure for details of how to proceed.

Generic Partner Agreement and appendices

Generic Network Agreement and appendices

(including details of the optional insurance policy).

Frequently Asked Questions about Partner and Network relationships with BCT. 

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