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Teachers and Group Leaders

Teachers and Group Leaders

The curiosity of young people of all ages is aroused by these contradictory animals that hang upside down, fly like birds though they have no feathers, and can feed and find their way in total darkness.  This curiosity can be channelled both by teachers working within a more formal curriculum or by leaders of groups seeking to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the environment.

Lines of enquiry and investigations in which children might become involved are included in the material produced, tried and tested by BCT, whether studying bats as a topic in themselves or using bats to add a new dimension to more familiar topics. Nocturnal animals, flight, sound, habitats and improving the local habitat for wildlife are just a few of the areas frequently studied where the inclusion of bats adds additional interest and understanding, yet they are often ignored.


Providing guidance for teachers and group leaders can assist them in delivering accurate information to children in a fun and relatable format. In the case of teachers, it is especially important that they remain within curriculum guidelines.

The Bat Conservation Trusts' Education Pack; 'Explore the World of Bats' contains a great deal of information to ensure this guidance is provided and is a worthwhile consideration for any organisation involved in bat conservation.








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