As a property manager, it is important to be aware of the legislation relating to bats and understand what advice is available if a property you manage has a bat roost. Whether you are planning works or experiencing issues associated with a bat roost there is support available no matter where you are in the UK or what kind of building or structure you manage. We have lots of online advice available to support people with bat roosts, below is a overview of common questions asked by property managers and links to more detailed advice if needed. We advice making the property owner aware of the bat roost.

Concerned about bats?

Having a bat roost should not present any problems; many people share their property with bats without being alerted to their presence. Our free online leaflets ‘Living with bats’ and 'Bats and buildings' include helpful FAQ sections which may answer some of your questions. These leaflets can also be a useful resource to pass on when informing property owners about a bat roost.

I've found a bat, what should I do?

Very occasionally, a bat will become separated from its roost. Should you or someone else find a grounded or injured bat in or around the building, please refer to this page for advice on what to do. If you find bats roosting (e.g. in the loft area) please leave the bats where they are and read 'Living with bats' for more information.

Bats are setting off the alarm

I need to carry out works

All of the UK's bats and their roosts are protected by law so it is important to seek advice if you are planning any building or remedial work, for the property you manage, that may affect a roost. You can find out more about what works may impact a roost and how to seek the appropriate advice here.

Having bats roosting within a building does not necessarily mean that work cannot be carried out. What it does mean is that the work will need careful consideration, especially in terms of time of year and materials, so that the area can continue to be used by both bats and people. Therefore, the earlier in the process the bats are taken into account the less disruption to building plans there will be.

Where can I get help for issues?

If you are experiencing issues relating to the bat roost at your property, help is available. Please take a look at our advice pages in the first instance, as many issues relating to bats can be easily resolved.

If you haven't been able to resolve the issue after following our online advice you should seek personalised advice from an expert. You may be entitled to a free roost visit from your Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO). If the roost is not located in a dwelling or place of worship, or the works fall outside of the SNCO’s remit, an ecological consultant will be needed instead. Find out how to seek personalised advice here.

This advice provided by the National Bat Helpline is only possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Our vital advice service helps thousands of people by providing advice for free, this in turn saves thousands of bats every year. Partial funding from Natural England helps cover some of our running costs, but it does not cover everything. Your donation will help ensure our small team can continue to provide assistance and a lifeline for bats.

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