Bats in holiday homes and hotels

Like us, bats often spend their summers away from their winter homes in warmer locations. If you are on this page it means that you have some other lodgers in your holiday home or hotel!

Summer roosts are very important places for bats, as they provide safe places for female bats to give birth to and raise their one pup each year.

The bats at your property are unlikely to cause any issues and we have a helpful poster-style leaflet that you can display for guests staying at the property, which can be downloaded here. The leaflet also explains what to do in the unusual event that bats are found in the living areas of the property.

If bats are frequently coming into the living areas, your having issues with a bat roost or you're planning works advice can be found on the main page.

Further information for interested guests

Witnessing these elusive creatures diving in pursuit of their insect prey in the evening can be a magical experience, and perhaps a holiday highlight for nature-loving guests!

Our free downloadable leaflet 'What bat is that' is a helpful beginner guide to telling the difference between some of our UK bats that are likely to be seen around your property.

You or your guests might also be interested in taking part in the National Bat Monitoring Programme, which monitors bat populations in the UK. There are lots of different surveys to take part in, for all levels of experience! For further information click here .

We also have resources available if you wish to find out more about your bats or encourage them further.