Bats are usually excellent houseguests and most people living in properties with bat roosts experience no issues with their tiny lodgers. In fact many homeowners and tenants share their property with bats without being alerted to their presence at all.

Bats are not rodents, and do not nibble or gnaw wood or wires, and will not generally cause any structural damage. They use existing spaces to roost and will not bring in bedding material or food – they are clean and sociable animals which spend many hours grooming themselves. All bats in the UK are insectivores, so their droppings are made up of dried insect remains.

Occasionally, roost owners may experience issues due to the presence of a bat roost, for example if the roost is well established, large or awkwardly situated. However, any issues relating to the roost are likely to only be seasonal (as bats typically disperse to other sites in the winter) and can usually be easily resolved.

You can find information and guidance on how to manage any issues you may be experiencing with your roost on this section of our website. If the issue can not be resolved using our free online advice or you can not find advice for your issue please do not worry, you can provide further support here.

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