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Daubenton's bat

Myotis daubentonii

Distribution and abundance; Legal and Conservation Status; Population Trends

The Daubenton's bat is a medium-sized bat which characteristically flies and forages just above water. It often uses its large feet to trawl for insects from the water surface. In the summer months it roosts near water using bridges and holes in trees. It mainly eats small flies, especially chironomid midges. Data on the population trends of Daubenton's bat are collected through two surveys: Hibernation Survey and Waterway Survey. 

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Distribution and abundance

The Daubenton's bat is fairly widespread across the UK and is found up to northern Scotland and in Northern Ireland. 

Population estimate

Note: The population estimates are considered to be poor and should be treated with caution. Estimates are based on very limited or no population data and rely on expert opinion only















 Harris et al. 1995

 Harris et al. 1995

 Harris et al. 1995

 Russ 1999

Legal and Conservation Status

All bat species in the UK are legally protected, both by domestic and international legislation.

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Daubenton's bat is widespread throughout Europe and the UK.  Factors affecting water quality, riparian habitats including the availability of roosts in trees and artificial structures in these habitats, and underground hibernation sites could all affect populations of this species.


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Daubenton's bat factsheet


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Current distribution of Daubenton's bat in the UK

(Map taken from 3rd Report under Article 17 on implementation of the Habitats Directive in the UK, JNCC 2013)

Daubenton's bat distribution



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