The Rethink Nature partnership is a group of leading species conservation organisations of which Bat Conservation Trust is part of. It combines our extensive knowledge and experience to catalyse the action that species need. Read more about Rethink Nature here.

We have a common vision of a healthy planet, rich in diverse wildlife, where species thrive alongside people and where people’s love of nature means we respect and cherish other species and benefit from the health and wealth that comes from a thriving natural world.

Rethink Nature is currently supporting and working on three innovative nationwide conservation initiatives: Back from the Brink, Farm Wildlife and Species Champions.

Back from the Brink

Rethink Nature

Back from the Brink is the first nationwide coordinated effort to bring a wide range of leading charities and conservation bodies together to save threatened species. Back from the Brink will address the needs of threatened species in 150 key habitats and landscapes across England from the Yorkshire Dales to Cornwall. It will focus on saving some very rare and elusive species from extinction including the rare grey long-eared bat . Read all about this project here.

Farm Wildlife

Rethink Nature

Farm Wildlife sees 9 leading wildlife organisations brought together to provide a single source of best-practice management advice for wildlife on farmland. It aims to sustain farmland species and bring wider benefits across the farm enterprise. Read more here.

Species Champions

Rethink Nature

Species Champions partners Members of Parliament from England with leading conservation organisations to bring political support to the protection and promotion of threatened wildlife. MP’s play a vital role as a ‘Species Champion’, adopting their own species in order to help create a world richer in nature. For more about this click here.