Bechstein's Bat Project

The Bechstein's bat survey was a National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) project which started in September 2007 and finished in September 2011. This 4 year project aimed to map the UK distribution of the elusive Bechstein’s bat and inform future conservation policy and woodland management. Selected woodlands in southern England and south Wales were surveyed to gather more information about the species’ range and habitat associations, and to identify conservation hotspots.

Project facts:

  • 10 local bat groups were involved in the project
  • 199 target woodlands were surveyed
  • 838 bats of 12 species were caught, identified and released
  • 57 of these were Bechstein’s bats (29 female and 28 male)
  • Bechstein’s bat was found at 37 sites

The results of the Bechstein’s bat Survey have fed directly into specific woodland management guidance that the Bat Conservation Trust has produced for Bechstein’s bat.

Download the full project report here.

Download our Bechstein’s bat: An introduction for woodland Owners here.

Bechstein's Bat Project

Hugh Clark

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