What should you do if you suspect a roost is being damaged or bats are being disturbed?

Damage, destruction and obstruction of roosts are criminal offences and a police matter. So is disturbance of bats.

If you know of a location where these are happening in Scotland, you should:

  • Contact your Police Scotland on 101. Explain that you think a wildlife crime has been or is being committed. Ensure you get a reference number
  • Then let us know about the incident by emailing investigations@bats.org.uk
  • Contact the National Bat Helpline

Want further advice and information about bats, roosts and the legislation?

We are able to assist the police, bat workers, members of the public and professionals. You can email investigations@bats.org.uk if you have a specific query.

For more information about how BCT and bat workers help prevent bat related crime, find out about our Investigations Project.