This bilingual education pack has been put together to help teachers and students in Wales, to explore the world of bat conservation through the national curriculum.

This resource covers a wide range of areas of learning and experiences from science, mathematics, use of language, geography, culture, art and music for pupils in secondary school education. It was developed at the time when the education system in Wales is undergoing changes following the Donaldson Report 2015.

The pack consists of a series of themed sheets, tailored to inform students about bats and bat conservation science, and to enrich and expand curricular opportunities. Additional teacher’s notes and activities relevant to each theme are included and Word document files are also provided for teachers to utilise in power point presentations.

All material in this resource is copyright of the Bat Conservation Trust unless otherwise stated. Material may be copied for personal use or for educational purposes provided, BCT is acknowledge and it is not used for commercial gain.

Acknowledgements: Text: Shirley Thompson, Joe Nunez- Mino and Steve Lucas, Bat Conservation Trust. Design: Matthew Ward, BCT would like to thank all those whose photographs and illustrations that are included. Development and production of this pack is supported by the Waterloo Foundation. Translations by Tidytranslations.