NBMP Level 1 bat detector workshop online (Zoom)- Monday 22nd July 2024

22nd July 2024

This introductory bat detector workshop involves an evening classroom session featuring videos, activities and quizzes. It is designed to provide attendees with an introduction to using a tuneable heterodyne bat detector and fundamental species identification skills, and enable them to participate in a UK-wide survey as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP). The focus is on the NBMP Waterway Survey, how to separate big bats and small bats, and on identification of pipistrelles and Daubenton's bat. The workshop will be led by Philip Briggs.

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Inclusion Challenges and Opportunities for Bat Groups - online gathering

30th July 2024

An opportunity for us to gather and explore the challenges and opportunities around inclusion for bat groups across the British Islands. We can exchange ideas, share tips and advice, explore challenges and discuss what learning, research or resources might help us all to be more inclusive and get more people involved with bat conservation. Bring your questions, success stories or challenges - wherever you and your bat group are on your inclusion journey, everyone is welcome. This is a free event. There is an option at booking to give a donation. This will go towards supporting the important work of bat groups through the Partner Group Support Fund: awarding grants and contributing time to bat group projects, and bursary places to the National Conference. Please consider giving an optional donation to help us continue to offer financial support that keeps up with increasing costs.

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Scoping Surveys for Arborists - online

1st August 2024

In this Lantra-accredited course, developed by the Bat Conservation Trust and supported by the Arboricultural Association, we will provide you with the awareness of bat ecology, behaviour and legal knowledge you need to carry out tree works with consideration for the potential effects on bats and their habitats. Through a self-guided practical task, our expert tutors will also help you to practice applying method for assessing bat potential trees, identifying any risk of roost destruction or bat disturbance and, where necessary, to seek assistance. This course is the first in a series of 2 courses is designed for to give arboriculture professionals a comprehensive awareness of bats. Participants do not need any prior knowledge before attending this course. Please note this is a basic awareness course - it will not give participants the knowledge or skills to carry out full bat surveys. Enquire for discount details: training@bats.org.uk

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Advanced Bat Survey Techniques

17th September 2024

Combining 1 theory day online with three days and two nights in Dorset, attendees will be given theoretical and practical experiences of acoustic lures, harp traps, mist nets and radio tracking. The course will investigate the application of these techniques in line with the BCT’s Bat Surveys for Professional Ecologists: Good Practice Guidelines. The course is suitable for experienced bat surveyors wishing to gain practical experience towards obtaining advanced bat survey licences. It is also possible to just book the online theory day if you are already involved with practical activities locally. Data collected from the course will feed into current research taking place in the area. The field sites are in Dorset and 13 species of bats have been caught in the area.

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British bats, their ecology and conservation - 6 session course

7th November 2024

Online course with 6 live, weekly workshops lasting 60-90 minutes online with opportunities to interact with the tutors on Zoom and ask your questions. Recordings of each session will be available afterwards for 1 month. You can book individual sessions if you are particularly interested in one or two topics, or book all six for a full overview of British bats.

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