Halloween for Bats

Follow our guide to have a batty Halloween.

Despite autumn being a quiet time for bat activity, Halloween means bat decorations are everywhere as a symbol of this spooky time of year. It's a great time for bat lovers to celebrate bats.

Here you'll find a whole range of bat themed activities and fundraising ideas including recipes, games and costumes.

For even more batty celebration ideas and fascinating facts about bats and Halloween download our free Halloween booklet.

Halloween events

If you are looking for a Halloween event do check our BatFest page.

You won't want to miss out on our Halloween Special: Bats vs Spiders event with BugLife on 31 October at 6pm. This is a free online event and you can book here.

As part of BatFest, we like to celebrate the range of talents and achievements that are found across the bat world. From nominating individuals who made a significant contribution to bat conservation or taking part in a writing competition! Find out more about our Batty Awards for Talent and Achievement here.

Great British #BatBake

Celebrate bats this Halloween by taking part in the Great British #BatBake.

#BatBake encourages people to be creative in the kitchen whilst celebrating the vital role bats play in producing the food we eat. For example, did you know that over 500 foods are pollinated by bats? Find out more about bats and food here.

Halloween snacks and cocktails

Halloween for Bats

We have recipes for spooky cocktails and snacks. Image credit: Mikhail Nilov.

If the #BatBake got you wanting bat-themed foods, then try making these tasty drinks and snacks for Halloween.

Halloween cocktail recipes Fancy a glass of Skeletons in Your Closet or a Kiss of Death? We've got you covered. There are mocktail recipes and non-alcoholic substitutes as well.

Batty snack recipes Why wouldn't you want gingerbread bats this Halloween? Find out how to make them in this download, as well as savoury bat bites with tortilla wings and some tasty pastry snacks.

Full bat costume and bat mask how-tos

Make your own bat costume Downloadable instructions on how to make an awesome bat costume, including wings and ears.

Or how about a more discrete bat mask? How to make a bat mask includes instructions and a printable bat mask template.

Take up a challenge for bats

You can also take up a challenge for bats this Halloween, whether it's a gaming streamaton, a spooky-movie marathon, or a walk, cycle or run for bats. Click here to see our page on taking up a challenge for bats to see how you can help raise funds for bats this Halloween.

Here's some inspiration for you - Josie is back for her 5th annual bat challenge. Every day in October Josie will wear Halloween themed outfits to raise awareness and funds. Find out more and donate: Josie's Halloween Challenge for Bat Conservation Trust.

Gaming for bats

In previous years we had some lovely gamers raise donations for bats through streamathons!

See our Gaming for Bats page here and email fundraise@bats.org.uk if you'd like to raise donations for bats through gaming.

Pumpkin carving, games and activities

Halloween for Bats

Follow our guide to carve your own bat pumpkin.

Whether you're having a quiet night in with a board game or looking for ideas on how to entertain your Halloween party guests, we have something for everyone! Follow the links below to view the activities.

Download our printable bat templates with instructions to carve your own beautiful bat pumpkin: Pumpkin carving guide.

Batty board games Hedgerows and Hazards and a A Bat’s Life Board Game. Both games are available in this PDF with instructions on how to play. Great for entertaining kids at Halloween.

Pin the nose on the bat In this download you'll find everything you need for our take on pin the tail on the donkey.

Make your own batty donation collector Craft design and photos kindly donated by Poppy Lee of Papaver Designs.

Batty quiz Questions and answers for a mini bat quiz.