Britbats - The 5th British Bat Research Symposium

11th March 2021

BritBats was originally established to bring together UK based undergraduate and postgraduate students conducting research on bats anywhere in the world. Due to the pandemic, over the past year there have been limited opportunities for networking and forming important connections between students, early career researchers and the wider bat research community. BritBats 2021 provides a platform for these connections to be made and maintained. Priority will be given to students and post-doctoral researchers to present their research, however, BritBats is open to anyone around the world who has an interest in bat research, from academia, to NGOs, to industry and any bat enthusiasts. We will be donating any profits from ticket sales to the Bat Conservation Trust and the Mammal Society

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Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife impacts

4th April 2022

Sharing science-led solutions in the Dutch dunes

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