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Roost Count

Do you know of a bat roost near you, or do you have bats roosting on your property?

Help us monitor how different bat species are faring across the UK by taking part in the Roost Count. All you need to do is to count bats emerging from the roosts on two or more evenings during the summer.

It's easy to take part!

You can sign up to monitor roosts for any bat species. At present we are able to produce Roost Count trends for common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelleserotine, Natterer's batbrown long-eared batlesser horseshoe bat and greater horseshoe bat as they often roost in buildings, making them easier to monitor.

A guide to taking part 

Sign up to this survey. This will take you to the NBMP Surveys page. Scroll to Roost Count to sign up to this survey.

Contact us at if you need help with any aspect of taking part in this survey. 

May - we send you your survey pack

The pack includes survey forms and full instructions. You can choose to download the survey materials if you prefer.

If the roost is not on your own property then ensure you get permission from the roost owner and arrange dates on which you can carry out your surveys.

June* - count bats as they emerge from a roost on at least two evenings

Position yourself beneath the roost exit at around sunset, watch the exit carefully and count the bats out as they emerge.

Sunset times are provided so that you know what time to start your survey.

Roost counters

*Lesser horseshoe bat counts start in late May, while Greater horseshoe bat counts take place in July.

Greater horseshoe bat (Steven Roe)

Send us your results

Once you have completed your surveys, post your completed forms or input your results online. Your online recording pages enable you to view and download all data you have submitted.

Roost Count form

Your survey pack will contain full instructions for carrying out the survey method and identifying the species.

Sign up to this survey. This will take you to the NBMP Surveys page. Scroll to Roost Count to sign up to this survey.

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