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Record all the information on the relevant forms after your survey and make any additional notes on a separate piece of paper. It is best to do this soon afterwards as if you leave it you may forget the details.

If you had to alter your route during the survey, make sure you add to your map the actual route that you followed and clearly indicate where changes have been made. Clearly fill in all your spot descriptions.

If you had to abandon your survey, please still send us the information that you did gather. If you can only manage one night within the survey period that is fine and the data is still useful to us.

Filling Out Survey Forms

Check that all the contact details are correct on your survey form so that you can receive feedback from us. Record the make and model of any bat detectors you used. This is very important.

If the survey site includes a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or a part of a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) please indicate in the box provided. If any part of your site is on land owned by the National Trust answer yes in the relevant box.








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Fill in the monitoring experience section of the survey form and rate the most experienced person’s identification skill level and length of field experience.

In the survey section clearly mark the number of passes for each species on each walk or spot. Don’t forget the date and the survey conditions.


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