NightWatch is a new community science project helping you discover the hidden world of night time wildlife living in your neighbourhood.

If you are new to bat surveys and living in an urban part of the UK, NightWatch is perfect for you. No experience or previous knowledge is required!

We provide a free NightWatch kit, which includes an ‘AudioMoth’ ultrasonic recorder used to detect hidden bats flying past during the night. On the same evening, you'll spend an hour over sunset watching and listening for night time wildlife from your garden, balcony or window, using our handy guide to the sights and sounds of urban nature. When you have sent your kit back, you'll receive a bespoke report, all about the bats you discovered during your survey!

The NightWatch survey is now closed for 2023. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when we re-open for bookings in 2024.

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NightWatch Survey

A summary of what NightWatchers discovered in 2022!

NightWatch Survey