Aruhan Galieva

Aruhan is an Actor, Singer, Comedian, Writer and Intersectional Environmentalist… catchy right?

As an actor her feature credits include: Doctor Who, Black Mirror, BAFTA Award Winning GLASGOW GIRLS, Royal & Derngate, Almeida Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and RSC.

As a singer she has performed as Vocal Soloist at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall (NY), Tokyo City Opera Hall, and has headlined at the Royal Festival Hall and Midem Festival (Cannes).

In 2022, she won the Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary Award for Alternative Comedians to take her debut show ‘ECO MANIAC’ to Brighton Fringe.

In 2021, she won the Watering Seeds Bursary Award for BAME Buddhist Activists working on peaceful climate action projects to develop ‘ECO MANIAC’

‘I love Bats so much. I have always felt a deep sense of injustice towards how bats are perceived. JUSTICE FOR BATS!

I am a huge advocate for protecting our precious UK Biodiversity. Bees pollinate in the day, go bees! Bats pollinate at night (although not in the UK) … but do bats get the PR? NOPE. RUDE!!!!

In the Tropics, bats are equally as important for pollination as bees - BATS ARE THE FURRY BEES OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!

Hence my steadfast belief in JUSTICE FOR BATS!!!

Not to mention they are so freaking cute.

My fascination started at childhood, and if I am honest with you - I was equally parts in awe and afraid. I fell more deeply in love with bats when I started campaigning against HS2, and learning about Barbastelle Bats who are my absolute favourite species. I just love their little faces.

My ambition is to communicate environmental issues in a way that is easily digestible and accessible for all, especially since environmental issues such as air pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change statistically stands to affect more BAME/POC communities and people from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.’

I also love the Bat community, they are the nicest bunch. I am very excited to work with BCT especially with the National Bat Monitoring Programme, because Environmental and Conservation spaces are of of the least diverse sectors - and I am really looking forward at all the different ways we can welcome a wide range of communities and families to the magical world of Bats’.