Bats are some of the more misunderstood and undervalued animals on Earth, so here at the Bat Conservation Trust we are always looking at new ways to change that. To win more hearts and minds, we have created an Ambassadors Programme.

We very much welcome the important roles and creative talents that well-known names bring to conservation. They have influential voices, which our threatened wildlife lacks, and they can be inspiring role models who amplify conservation messages.

We feel it is more important than ever to raise the positive profile of bats and our work, both with politicians and with the general public, and that is why we are very keen to invite more Ambassadors from different walks of life. We need many diverse voices standing up for nature if we are to protect wildlife and reverse bat declines.

Bat Conservation Trust Ambassadors can help us in many ways. They support our vision of a world rich in wildlife, where bats and people thrive together. And as a relatively small charity with no reserves, our Ambassadors can help us with vital fundraising appeals, education and awareness raising, and sharing their love of the wonderful world of bats across the media.