Northern Bats

“Northern Bats” was an on-line resource for publishing the results of bat work in the north of England. It covered bats and bat work in the geographical area covered by the Bat Conservation Trust’s list of North East and North West England bat groups, i.e. from the Scottish borders, south to include Cheshire and South Yorkshire. It was inspired by the “Scottish BATS” publication and was similar in its aims and scope though the two projects were completely independent.

Its principal aim was to publish an annual on-line journal, recording information about bats and bat work in northern England and thereby providing a forum for information that might not have otherwise been published, from full-length papers to brief notes on items of interest. Northern Bats relied on contributions from bat workers and was collated and edited by Ian Bond and Tina Wiffen, producing four volumes from 2016 to 2019 (see links below). The 2019 edition was the last and a new annual on-line journal, "British Islands Bats", is being produced with the first edition due in spring 2020.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the four volumes of Northern Bats and especially to Ian Bond and Tina Wiffen for all their efforts in producing the journal.

Volume 1 April 2016

Volume 2 April 2017

Volume 3 May 2018

Volume 4 May 2019

Historical articles about bats in the North of England