Bat Roost Tree Tag - Record Forms

Bat Roost Tree Tag - Record Forms

Hugh Clark

Records collected from tagged confirmed tree roost will feed into two databases - the BCT and the Bat Tree Habitat Key (BTHK) databases.

The BTHK database ( is part of a project started by Henry Andrews to collect “identification and description of all features exploited by specific tree-roosting bat species native to the British Isles achieved by eliciting PRF records with accompanying photographic accounts” (Bat Tree Habitat Key, 2018).

We would urge collecting as much information as possible. If the required tree roost and species records are collected this means the information has a greater chance of being included in the BTHK database subject to their approval. But if time, experience, or other reasons mean only the essential information in Table 1 is submitted, this is still of vital importance as a record.

All records submitted will be kept on a BCT Access database which will be managed by BCT. If sufficient records are collected, we will share this information with the BTHK project.

Tree roost and species forms

  • Basic Records
  • Additional Records

If you're able to provide us with additional records, please fill in both forms before submitting. Both forms can be left open at the same time so you can populate them with your tree roost and species records.

Basic Records

Please note the minimum information marked with * as shown on the form is required to be registered on the system. Surveyors should share these records with landowners and site managers.

Additional Records

Ideally, we would like the Bat Roost Tree Tag Scheme (BRTTS) to contribute to the BTHK database, an ongoing study that has to date produced detailed information on how bats use trees and has identified the different roost features used by 14 UK tree roosting bats species. The knowledge gained from the records submitted to this database to date has provided evidence-based support for professionals and amateurs looking for tree roosts.

Please submit any additional records collected using the record form below. Please note the minimum information marked with * is required to be included in the BTHK database. Surveyors should also share these records with landowners and site managers.

Click on the links below to download a blank PDF copy of both forms, which you can then print and take out in the field when surveying a confirmed tree roost you have tagged.

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