This award is given in memory of Pete Guest who was an inspirational figure in the bat conservation movement for more than 20 years. Each year, the bat world is invited to nominate individuals who have made an outstanding practical contribution to bat conservation.

The criteria for the award include: dedication, innovation, enthusiasm and inspiration in making a difference, both to bats and to people, helping make BCT's vision become a reality.

Voting is now open!

A total of 3 bat workers have been nominated for the Pete Guest Award this year:

  • Morgan Hughes - Birmingham & Black Country Bat Group
  • Nik Knight - Hampshire Bat Group
  • Steve Roe - Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group

All nominees have received multiple statements of support from those they have inspired. Please read them here.

How to Vote

  • Please use the online voting form below to register your vote.
  • Votes are limited to one per person. You are only allowed to vote once for one nominee. Your name and email address will be stored by BCT solely for the purpose of regulating voting and will be deleted after presentation of the award.

Voting will close at 9am on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

Announcement of Winner

The award winner will be formally announced at the Bat Workers Forum on Tuesday evening 13th September 2022.

Please note the option of postal nominations and voting have been removed this year due to remote working, and making this change permanent will be tabled as an item for approval at the Bat Workers Forum.

If you have any questions about the Pete Guest Award please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing Abby Packham the Bat Groups Officer.

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