14th August 2023

Roost Partner launches new bat access product

Through the unique Roost Partnership scheme the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) aims to work with industry to improve products that can enhance the built environment for British bats. Our scheme does not endorse particular products, but instead recognises and celebrates the importance of work between BCT and our Roost Partners, such as makers of bat boxes and access products, in a common goal of improving roosting opportunities for bats. The Partnership also acts as an information sharing hub, to gather feedback from industry professionals and constantly improve our understanding of bat roosting requirements.

We are therefore excited to welcome our second bat access product to the scheme, developed by Roost Partner Just Lead. This team already produces the Bat Access Tile and they have been working with us over the last year on a new design, the Bat Access Tube. (photo right).

This product can be used to create smaller openings in a range of tiles surfaces, both pitched roofs and vertical hanging tiles (photo below).

Just Lead has emphasised the success of working within our Roost Partnership. A spokesperson said, “We have been able to trial new design ideas and discuss specific bat access requirements to develop new products, always with the best bat conservation aims in mind.”

Jo Ferguson, Built Environment Manage for BCT, said. "It has been a pleasure working with Just Lead who have been open to the feedback we’ve been able to provide, while bringing their extensive knowledge of the way buildings are designed and tiled to find bat access solutions and ultimately a new product for the market.”

For full details of the products currently available, the Roost Partnership scheme or if you would like to become a Roost Partner, please see the webpage or contact roost@bats.org.uk.

Roost Partner launches new bat access product
Roost Partner launches new bat access product