27th June 2024

Our strategy to help bats and people thrive together

Bat Conservation Trust publishes its new three-year strategy (2024 – 2027), which is based on our 10-year Theory of Change (2024 – 2034).

The Theory of Change allows us to take a longer view while recognising challenges we need to overcome. The three-year strategy acknowledges that external factors are changing fast, and we need to be agile in our responses.

Our work has helped deliver one of the UK’s consistent conservation successes. Thanks to legal protection and conservation action we are starting to see very slow signs of recovery for some bat species. There is much left to do, and we remain vigilant to emerging threats, but we have a solid foundation for our work over the next decade.

Our new strategy gives a roadmap for how BCT will achieve its aims and we hope you are inspired to support our efforts.

Read: Our Strategy: 2024-2027 for detail of our goal, outcomes and metrics of success.

What we plan to do

BCT’s ten year goal is that all bat species in the UK will be in recovery. To keep our strategy focused and actionable, we’ve identified four key outcomes to help us achieve this goal. Over the next ten years we will focus our resources on making sure that:

  • Scientific evidence needed to support bat conservation is carried out.
  • Policy is in place that supports bat species recovery.
  • Bat friendly landscape and built environment management is implemented.
  • More people take positive action for bats.

How we plan to do it

Our strategy to help bats and people thrive together

BCT staff at our 'away day'

No action for bats can work without recognising their interconnectedness with wider biodiversity and people. And we believe our work can strengthen the connections between people and nature. As such, BCT will work in partnership across the UK to discover, influence act and connect.

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