19th April 2013

BCT launches Box Plot - a campaign to record the location of integrated bat boxes.

As part of the Bat Conservation Trust's work to improve accommodation for bats in buildings we want to find out how effective integrated bat boxes are. (Integrated boxes are bat boxes that are built into the fabric of a building.) To begin to get a handle on this we would like to know where integrated bat boxes are installed with a view to establishing longer term monitoring. We have set up a national register to record integrated bat box locations around the country. We hope that providing bat box location information will become part of the bat mitigation and enhancement process and that bat workers and consultants will work with developers and home owners to make this information available to BCT.

To register the location of an integrated bat box please go to: www.bats.org.uk/boxplot and for any questions please contact Kelly Gunnell: kgunnell@bats.org.uk