17th April 2024

Bats and beyond campaign to support our scientific research

At the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) we work for a world where bats and people thrive together. Our scientific research is part of what will help to build this world. BCT conducts science research in the UK and supports research internationally, but we can only do so if we secure the needed resources. That’s why we are launching the ‘Bats and beyond: supporting the next generation’ fundraising campaign to raise a minimum of £20,000 for scientific research.

Supporting the next generation with Big Give Green Match

'Bats and beyond' has been chosen by the Big Give for their Green Match Fund campaign. This is an incredible opportunity, because it means every donation up to 10K is doubled – if it is donated via the Big Give platform between the 18th (midday) and 25th (midday) April 2024.

Science-based conservation can make a huge difference to bat populations. We want to continue building on what we have achieved so far by continuing to carry out vital research ourselves.

We also want to continue our support for early career scientists. One of the ways we do this is through the Kate Barlow Award which supports postgraduate students conducting a substantive bat research project. Since its creation in 2017 the award has supported seven inspirational individuals conducting research all over the world.

Science helps us protect bats

Unfortunately, bats are still widely misunderstood and undervalued so there is a significant lack of funding opportunities for further research. The more we understand and learn about bats the better we can protect them. BCT is committed to ensuring that conservation policy, practice and guidance is based on a robust scientific evidence base. Bats and beyond: supporting the next generation’ will play a vital part in helping us secure the funds for the research we need to do this.

How to give

All money raised will be used to further scientific work helping bats and people thrive together. Please donate and share widely.

Bats and beyond campaign to support our scientific research

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