9th February 2009

Facing imminent new threats and with their natural habitats under increasing pressure, Britain's bats now need more love than ever, says the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT).

BCT predicts 2009 could be a tough year for Britain's bats, now facing a host of new threats including increased numbers of wind turbines, new 'airtight' build structures that prevent bats from roosting, and yet more unseasonable weather.

BCT Chief Executive Amy Coyte said, 'Valentine's Day is the perfect time to let someone know just how much you appreciate them hanging around. So this Valentine's Day, we're asking everyone to give Britain's bats some much-needed love too.

'We are working hard to address threats to bats and to find sustainable solutions which work for both bats and people, but we need more help.'

Members of the public as well as organisations can show their support for Britain's bats by joining BCT - or by giving someone special a gift membership. Via BCT's website, they can also make online donations and send batty Valentine's Day e-cards to help introduce more people to these fascinating animals.

Amy Coyte added, 'Any support people or organisations are able to give, no matter how small, will help make a big difference to what we're able to achieve.

'Right now, Britain's bats need our support.'