The 11th European Bat Detector Workshop (Spain)

6th September 2024

In connection to the European Bat Research Symposium every three years, since 1991, it has been a tradition to organise a bat detector workshop just before or after the conference. This year's workshop will be located in the village Mura, which is in the edge of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Natural Park, just north of Barcelona. The objective of the workshop is to improve training and knowledge of the latest technology and experience on field identification of flying European bats. This includes the use of various detectors, both active and passive, but also to improve your skills around bat call analysis software. The mixture of novice and well experienced bat workers (and everything between) enhances the learning process by self awareness and development. This workshop is aimed at idealistic bat workers (enthusiasts/idealists, NGO's, scientists and students) who will work with bats in the future. Students and NGO's may apply for a reduced registration fee. Commercial bat workers will be accepted if there is space. The workshop stretches over four nights, giving three full days with lectures, training on software and workshops. The workshop is organised on a self-cost basis, where expenses cover only physical costs, such as material, food and accommodation. If you use the opportunity of the offers some of the manufacturers are giving to the participants, you might even end up getting a net free trip from most of Europe.

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