Events such as festivals and firework displays can generate a lot of noise and light that have the potential to cause disturbance to wild animals, including bats.

Artificial lighting can be disturbing to bats as they have adapted to low-light conditions. Artificial lights shining on bat roosts, their access points, flight paths away from the roost and important foraging areas should be avoided. Read more about our guidance on artificial lighting here.

Excessive noise and vibration (such as loud music) could also potentially disturb bats if they are roosting in the vicinity and should be avoided.

BCT does not have the capacity to get involved in individual cases, we therefore rely on concerned members of the public like yourself to help us protect bats. You can do this by bringing matters to the attention of the relevant department of the local authority, if you believe that an event may have a negative impact on local bat populations.

We have compiled advice below to assist you in taking the appropriate action to protect bats.

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