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Roost Visitor Trainers

Most bat groups have one or more trainers, who are licensed to train unlicensed trainees in some or all of the activities covered under the licence.


BCT, in conjunction with Natural England, runs a Training for Trainers course when there is sufficient demand. This is a weekend course (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) funded by Natural England, for those who wish to become a licensed Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor Trainer (CL16).

VBRV trainers are licensed to train and sign off individuals for a VBRV level one licence (CL15). The next course will be taking place in March 2017 and is fully booked.

If your bat group/area is in need of a trainer please complete the trainer nomination form so that you cna be cosnidered on the next course.

Please note that the nomination form should come from a committee member on behalf of the bat group rather than the individual wishing to attend the course.

Forms should be sent to The Training Team. This is the first stage in the process, attendees for the course will be confirmed by mid-August. Selection will be based on experience, demand and geographical location – if you are unsure about whether your experience is suitable for the course please contact the training team. Further information about the process is provided in the nomination form.

Please note that in England the trainer licence only relates to the volunteer bat roost visitor class licence. Individuals can only be trained and signed off by a trainer for this licence type, allowing them to undertake roost visits under the Natiral England homeowner advice service.


Other parts of the UK

We are also happy to consider running trainers courses in other parts of the UK where there is sufficient demand and funding can be sought from the appropriate SNCO. If you are interested in becoming a trainer (outside of England) please contact The Training Team.


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