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Pete Guest Award

Pete Guest Award Trophy

This award is given in memory of Pete Guest who was an inspirational figure in the bat conservation movement for more than 20 years. Each year, the bat world is invited to nominate individuals who have made an outstanding practical contribution to bat conservation.

The criteria for the award include: dedication, innovation, enthusiasm and inspiration in making a difference, both to bats and to people, helping make BCT's vision become a reality. 

2018 Award Open for Nominations! 

Nominations are now being taken for the Pete Guest Award 2018.

  • How to nominate someone for the 2018 award: If you would like to nominate a fellow bat worker for the 2017 award, please email their name and a statement of support to Lisa Worledge.
  • Please note: Nominations cannot be accepted without a statement on why you think the person deserves the award (relating back to the criteria stated above). This should be at least 250 words. Please include your name and your bat group or organisation. Details of last year’s nominations can be can be read in the 2017 nominations document. If you have any questions about what such a statement should include please email Lisa Worledge.
  • Deadline for nominations: By 9am on Tuesday 17th July 2018.
  • Voting: A list of nominees and supporting statements will be posted on this webpage by Monday 23rd July. You will then have the opportunity to vote for your preferred nominee (once) via email or post. Voting will close on Wednesday 22nd August.
  • Announcement of Winner: The award winner will be formally announced at the Bat Workers Forum on Friday 7th September and the award presented at the National Bat Conference on Sunday 9th September.

Previous Winners

  • 2017       Donna and Graham Street
  • 2016       James Shipman
  • 2015       Arthur Rivett
  • 2014       Colin Morris
  • 2013       Maggie Brown
  • 2012       Daniel Hargreaves
  • 2011       Peter and Maggie Andrews
  • 2010       Roger Ransome
  • 2009       Sue Swift
  • 2008       Tom McOwat
  • 2007       Phil Burkinshaw
  • 2006       John Haddow
  • 2005       Phil Richardson
  • 2004       Tony Hutson
  • 2003       Jenny Clark*
  • 2002       Shirley Thompson*

* BCT set up an award for “Outstanding voluntary contribution to bat conservation” in 2002. Shirley Thompson received the award in 2002 and Jenny Clark in 2003 – they both received a framed picture. Following Pete’s death, the trustees proposed a new award in Pete’s name for outstanding practical contributions to bat conservation as a way of honouring his contribution to bat conservation. They also proposed that a formal trophy be sculptured for this award. This then replaced the award set-up in 2002.

BCT's Role

Since its inception the award has evolved to its present form via the Bat Workers Forum, and following suggestions from nominees. BCT’s role is only to administer the award, by requesting nominations, overseeing the voting process and presenting the award, but these roles are purely administrative. BCT does not set conditions of who can be nominated, or police the nominations, as they are from those who have been inspired or enthused, and the purpose of the award is to celebrate these people.

BCT does not restrict who can vote for the award but shares the nominations document with bat groups, on the BCT website, in e-bulletins and via social media. Anyone voting will have been reached in some way, directly by their interactions with the nominee and/or by reading the nominations document, sufficiently for them to submit a vote for that person.


If you have any questions about the Pete Guest Award, the nomination and/or voting processes please email Lisa Worledge

Find out more

Pete Guest Award Nominations (635 KB) - 10/07/17
Details of the nominees for the 2017 Pete Guest Award and information on voting.

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