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National Bat Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2010

Trends in UK bat species


Summary of findings

Contents page


Using these pages

These pages provide information on population trends of UK bat species derived from data collected as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programmes (NBMP). The NBMP relies on the ongoing efforts of hundreds of volunteers whose dedication in completing bat surveys every year allows us to produce population trends for UK bats.

We have put all the relevant information onto one page for each species. These can be found through the Contents page, through the Species Populations Trends page or directly using the species pages links below.

For each species the following information is provided:

  • General information on the species including distribution and abundance, and legal and conservation status
  • The surveys that provide data for that species
  • Graphs showing the trends calculated from each survey
  • The population trends for the UK and information at country or regional level where data are available

There are also additional pages on the different types of surveys and species coverage which again can be found through the Contents page. Details of the methods used to produce the trends are also provided.

The NBMP provides trends for 11 of our 18 UK bat species. Further information on species for which we are not yet able to produce population trends can be found in the section on Species and survey coverage


Species pages:

Greater horseshoe bat

Lesser horseshoe bat

Daubenton's bat

Whiskered/Brandt's bat

Natterer's bat

Common pipistrelle

Soprano pipistrelle



Brown long-eared bat


This report was compiled by Kate Barlow, Karen Haysom, Philip Briggs and Felicity Bates. Statistical analysis was carried out by Steve Langton.

The report should be cited as:

Bat Conservation Trust, 2010. The National Bat Monitoring Programme. Annual Report 2010. Bat Conservation Trust, London. (

The National Bat Monitoring Programme is a partnership between the Bat Conservation Trust and Joint Nature Conservation Committee and is part of the Tracking Mammals Partnership. Additional funding is provided by Natural England.

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