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August 2016


We ran our second bat walk at Swanton Novers NNR on the 20th of August to which eight people came to. Heavy gales the night before carried on into the next day and it was uncertain if the walk would go ahead. Luckily the winds dropped by the evening and we heard four species of bats -  Natterer's bat, barbastelle, common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle, during our walk through the Bat walk at Swantonnorthern section of Great Wood. A member of our group was enthusiastically waving her detector up in the air whilst looking out for bats flying overhead. When she saw her first bat, her awe and infectious enthusiasm was a lovely reminder of why we run these events and how an opportunity to gain access to a hidden world can heighten our curiosity and our love for our wildlife.

We also ran our third trapping survey in the southern section of Great Wood, an area with compartments of active coppice. It was quiet in the wood, with little activity heard on the detectors.  However, we caught a female barbastelle bat and a male common pipistrelle. As well as experienced bat workers assisting on the night, two more volunteers with limited experiences in catching bats were able to help out with the trapping session, and learn how to extract and process. 

Swanton Novers Great Wood in August - 

Swanton Nover Woods in August

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